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A Biostimulator with filler effect and regenerative properties for cosmetic and dermatological applications.

Evangeline improves:

✔Skin's Glow: Reduces roughness and increases skin Brightness by increasing collagen & stem cell proliferation

✔ Hydration by boosting collagen I

✔Texture: By improving thickness and density of the skin due to increased collagen & cell proliferation and quality

✔Tone: Increases skin elasticity by boosting collagen & cell proliferation


Evangeline not only can be used for cosmetic applications but also many dermatological conditions including:

-Wound heeling

-Acne scars


-Epidermolysis Bullosa​


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A Biologic Regenerative Scaffold that Regenerates the tissue and decreases pain in:

✔Disc disease


60%  Improvement in Overall Pain and Function

90%  Disc Regeneration seen on MRIs



The beauty of Eve is in the technology of a powerful and effective 2-in-1 combination of HA and the body's own regenerative properties. The hyaluronic acid allows for buildable volume to treat fine line and wrinkles. Meanwhile, the body's own regenerative properties promote healing and and collagen replenishment over time. 

Why Injectors Love it:

✔ Regenerative

✔ Hydration (collagen)

✔ Buildable volume 

✔ Easy-to-Use


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